Prestige Watches is well known for exceptional quality watches and exceptional quality service. We also provide the best warranty in the industry. We are not only dedicated to providing best quality and service to our customers but the best value as well. We offer very competitive prices and if you happen to find a better deal elsewhere on a comparable item we’ll try to match it, if it’s comparable quality.

Include a link to the item you are interested in, include a link to the competitor’s item. If the competitor provides a warranty, please provide a link and list all shipping costs, fees and other charges.

Please include the requested, send your price match request to

Please be aware that we cannot price match simply by make and model, the watch must be comparable quality. Many watches sold elsewise are either due or past due for service. The watch will often be working but in need of service and or replacement parts which can be expensive. This is why you will find watches with little to no warranty elsewhere. Additionally, an ever increasing number of watches you will find elsewhere have been improperly serviced or serviced with aftermarket parts which results in reduced lifespan and costly repair.

At Prestige Watches you will find exceptional quality watches, the best service, competitive prices, exceptional value and the best warranty in the industry. All of our pre-owned watches have been fully serviced by our certified professionals and include an appraisal, 5 year warranty and guarantee of authenticity.