Prestige Watches is committed to providing industry-leading pre-owned timepieces without compromise. Therefore, each watch purchased or serviced through Prestige Watches is covered by either an OEM warranty or by the Prestige Watches 2 Years Limited Warranty, unless otherwise described herein.* (Certain exclusions apply, including vintage watches) 

Prestige Watches 2-Year Sales Warranty 

Prestige Watches offers a limited warranty on every pre-owned watch sold on our website. Pre-owned timepieces sold by Prestige Watches are warrantied for a minimum of two (2) years from the date of purchase (the “Date of Purchase”). The Date of Purchase is defined as the date on the bill-of-sale, sales receipt, or any dated document designated by Prestige Watches as proof-of-purchase. 

Prestige Watches 2-Years Limited Service Warranty 

If a problem arises with a warrantied product as a result of Prestige Watches work or parts provided by its technicians, and within the two years (2 years) period following initial Prestige Watches services, Prestige Watches will repair or replace any damaged parts and/or correct the repair execution at its sole discretion. Following a repair, the watch will be covered by the Prestige Watches two-years (2) service warranty from the date of the timepiece’s documented in-person retrieval by owner or shipment from offices of Prestige Watches.  

Restrictions and Conditions: What Is Not Covered 

Conditions apply to the Prestige Watches two-year (2) limited service warranty. The repair warranty does not cover parts that Prestige Watches did not service, basic services on quartz watches, water damage, shock damage, all abuse, or any handling that exceeds the limits of a timepiece’s intended use. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty. Third-party performance of service, opening of a product, or addition of parts other than strap or bracelet components will void the Prestige Watches tow-year (2) limited warranty on pre-owned watches. Prestige Watches will, at its sole discretion, determine the applicability of its warranty to each timepiece for which a warranty claim is lodged. 

Prestige Watches warranties do not cover vintage watches. Due to the nature of vintage pieces, parts are not always available and cannot always be repaired. 

Pre-Owned Watches Under Remaining OEM Warranty 

In the event that the remaining OEM warranty on a purchased timepiece falls short of a two years minimum warranty period as measured from the Date of Purchase, Prestige Watches assumes responsibility as the warranty provider for the period commencing at the conclusion of the OEM warranty and ending with the elapse of two years from the Date of Purchase. 
When a warranty claim is recorded against a timepiece for which remaining OEM warranty is in effect, Prestige Watches submits warranty claims to OEM authorities for evaluation and acceptance or rejection of such claims. The warranty terms and conditions, in the event of such claims, are those enumerated in the warranty terms and conditions for each applicable OEM. Watches returning from OEM service will be warranted under the terms and conditions of the OEM’s service warranty; the OEM service warranty then supersedes any expressed terms, conditions, and duration of our pre-owned warranty coverage. 

In the event that a timepiece returns from OEM service and a component fails (e.g., a bracelet clasp fails following an OEM caliber adjustment) both outside the scope of the OEM service warranty and inside the span of the Prestige Watches two-years (2) pre-owned warranty, Prestige Watches may repair or replace this component at its sole discretion. 

How To Obtain Service 

Contact your Client Advisor or fill our contact form to initiate a service request.  

Watch service repair time can vary depending on the watch brand and the specific service matter. Usually, warranty service repairs require six to eight weeks. When a watch service is completed, a shipping tracking number will be emailed to the owner.